What is Unblurred?

Me 2016
( When I was still able to see pencil marks )

Unblurred is not just a word, but a powerful and optimistic mindset that allows for clear vision even in the face of adversity. Having been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare and degenerative eye condition, I am all too familiar with the difficulties of living with blurry vision. Nevertheless, I choose not to let self-doubt consume me, and instead believe in my ability to create beautiful art despite my disability.My name is Raquel Alim, and my passion for art began in childhood through crafting and designing architectural renderings of homes. However, my eyesight gradually deteriorated to the point where I could no longer see pencil marks on a sketch pad in 2017. My vision has continued to decline since then, and I was declared legally blind in 2018.In 2020, I experienced drastic vision loss due to cataracts, making it difficult for me to even see my own reflection in the mirror for several months.
After undergoing surgery, I promised myself that I would never take anything for granted again, and despite the challenges, I was determined to continue pursuing my passions.Recovering my confidence as an artist proved to be more difficult than I anticipated, as I had to teach myself how to use new art mediums and accept that my art could no longer look as realistic as it once did. However, after a year and a half, I found my own unique style and became a self-taught painter specializing in abstract realism.

Museum 2002


Rocky 2011

Painting has become my passion and therapy, helping me come to terms with my disability while discovering my own artistic voice.My goal is to share my art with the world, raise awareness about the spectrum of blindness, and inspire others to pursue their passions despite any challenges they may face. Although I cannot control how much more vision I will lose in my lifetime, I know that I have control over my mindset, and that gives me the strength to remain unblurred and spread positivity. 

Join me on my journey as we unblur together.

 Raquel Alim


Unfinished Lion 2002