Amazing update from the Blind Canvas Project (Tallahassee, FL interview)

Amazing update from the Blind Canvas Project (Tallahassee, FL interview)


I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with and The Blind Film Project in Tallahassee, Florida for a 90-minute interview. Little did I know, parts of that conversation were transformed into mesmerizing AI-generated art to share my story with the world. Hers what they shared with me about the first image:

Flow State

The image portrays a woman’s face in a state of serene repose, eyes gently closed, head tilted slightly upwards. The artwork is vibrant and rich with flowing lines and contoured colors that seem to map the topography of her features. They span a spectrum of reds, oranges, yellows, and cool blues, greens, and purples, creating a rainbow effect that swirls around and across her face.

Her expression is one of calm and contemplation, with a hint of a thoughtful smile, as if she is in the midst of a dream or lost in an internal world of creativity. The image can be seen as a representation of Raquel’s deep connection to her art, especially as someone living with retinitis pigmentosa. The flow of colors across her face symbolizes the constant stream of artistic inspiration that she feels, it is intrinsic and ever-present. Despite the challenges posed by retinitis pigmentosa, her identity as an artist remains, in her own words, “unblurred”. This piece serves as a testament to Raquel’s personal and emotional journey through her art, even in the face of visual impairment.


All The Possibilities

The image is a visual inspired by the conversation Raquel would have with her younger self, facing the diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa. The older figure, representing Raquel, and the child symbolize a meeting across time, an exchange of wisdom, comfort, and guidance. The abstract world surrounding them represents the world of opportunities available to those who are visually impaired — the arts, literature, architecture, and more — which is the message Raquel wants to impart: that there are boundless paths to explore, even with vision loss.

The figures are rendered with gentle brushstrokes in earthy tones that blend seamlessly into the dreamlike background. Their posture conveys a sense of contemplative observation and shared experience. The landscape beneath them is abstract, with its base dissolving into vertical drips that suggest a canvas where gravity is letting go.

The image captures the essence of reflection, resilience, and the human capacity to adapt. The calm demeanor of the figures conveys a peaceful acceptance and an understanding that life’s beauty and possibilities remain vast, despite any physical limitations. It’s a testament to the power of support and the enduring spirit of those who navigate the journey of visual impairment, encouraging them to embrace the endless possibilities that life offers.


A New Day

The image is a mesmerizing artwork that depicts an arched window or portal, framing a serene seascape. These shapes create a stained-glass effect, with a color palette transitioning from deep blues and purples on one side to warm oranges, yellows, and reds on the other, perhaps symbolizing different times of day or emotional states. Through the window, tall, slender trees or structures stretch towards a sunset or sunrise over a calm ocean, the sky reflecting onto the water. The edges of the window and the space around it are adorned with darker hues and a variety of textures, giving the image a three-dimensional feel and adding depth to the composition.

This beautiful image can be seen as representing Raquel’s journey with retinitis pigmentosa. The warm and cool hues reflect the emotional spectrum that Raquel navigates — the “down moments” as well as the resurgence of hope and determination “to get back out there.”

The scene as a whole captures the essence of moving through the tough times and embracing new opportunities. The window frames not just a view but a perspective — that each day brings a new horizon, a fresh opportunity to create something beautiful, akin to the way a mosaic or stained-glass piece comes together to form a whole from many individual fragments.

Additional updates on this Blind Canvas Project along with audio clips from my interview are coming soon!! 😃 Stay tuned!



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